07 Jul

Here at AVL we believe it's extremely important to make sure your horses daily vitamins and minerals are met, without the feed containing high sugar and starch or any fillers/ binding agents and other nasties.We started feeding Forageplus 7 years ago after alot of research into the right balancer, and the struggles of finding something that wasn't full of rubbish!

This is the average daily dose that each of our horses receive (Pictured). Only 100g.

Their balancers are formulated based on data gathered from the main vitamins and minerals that are deficient in forage in the UK (with other countries now being introduced). The winter balancer, pictured, is based on any dry forage in the UK, such a hay or haylage. You can also have a custom made balancer depending on the results from your forage analysis to meet what's missing. Horses cannot get enough vitamins and minerals from forage alone. So just this scoop, dampened down in some chaff with added micronised linseed and salt is the base of all our feeds. We can then add supplements or conditioning feeds to tailor to the individual.

Remember that although your horse may seem 'fine' nutritional deficiencies only shown after some time. Think of children raised on an insufficient diet, and how as an adult this affects their life in many ways from poor bone density, poor skin, hair and nails, poor immunity and early onset medical conditions.

The same goes for our horses!

If you want to try, don't forget to use our discount code ABBOTTSVIEW10 to get 10% off. After 5 years of using their products we became affiliated with FP.

 Rest assured we only recommend products we actually use and think are worth it.

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