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We are lucky to have a fantastic trainer and horsewoman as a livery at AVL who offers lessons locally and to the clients at AVL.

The following has been copied from Louise's website, please visit: Lous Horsemanship more information.

" I offer a horse-centred view of training to both horses and their humans. Many people feel nervous or frustrated because they don't understand or cannot predict how their horse is going to behave and they don't know what to do when things don't go to plan.

Every time we are with our horses we are training them whether we realise it or not, both while riding and day to day handling. We are all our own horse's trainer. I can help you understand how your horse is trying to communicate with you and learn to read their behaviour so you can develop a better, more harmonious relationship.

I have many years of experience working with hundreds of horses and have been fortunate enough to learn from some brilliant trainers, I can offer you advice on the best management for your horse in your current circumstances. Small changes in the management of your horse can significantly impact on their health and happiness and can produce big changes in their behaviour.

As my knowledge has deepened I have become increasingly aware of the importance of correct groundwork and postural training to develop good self carriage and the ability to carry a rider and stay sound. I can help you train your eye so you can recognise when your horse is working well.

Whether you're struggling with a specific issue or would just like some general help, please contact me to discuss you and your horse's needs."

I personally have lessons with Louise with my own horse Buck and I can't recommend her enough.