Oscar is a 16.2hh, 16 y/o retired racehorse who had his shoes removed in January so is almost 9 months into his hoof rehab rehabilitation!

Oscar suffers from arthritis and a suspected old neck injury from his past, so the track system is key to keeping him moving and healthy. Oscars ridden career might be over, but that doesn't mean he is jobless, as he currently has a job as a therapy horse. 

Oscar is a funny fish and makes me laugh everyday, he's the only horse to get three feeds a day and is always excited when it's feed time and comes hurtling in from the track when I call him. Maybe reliving his race horse days?!

Being the only boy in herd 2 seems to suit him fine, and he has perfected his own 'mare stare'. 

He's also the only horse currently able to have 'grass time' and he likes to find me on the track and nudges to ask if he 'can go in the field now'.