Bucks sharer

Charlotte owned Dreamer, who passed away in July 2021. She is now the sharer of Amy (Yard owners) horse, Buckthorn. 

'Charlotte has owned Dreamer, her first horse, for 9 years now. 

Charlotte has certainly learnt to ride properly having Dreamer as her steed, his party trick is heading off at 100 miles an hour across the school if he so wishes, but she loves the spirit he has and wouldn’t have him any other way. 

They both enjoyed Dressage together, ‘competing’ and generally having lots of fun. She has decided, now that Dreamer is a little older and has some health issues, it’s time for a quieter life for him enjoying hacking and generally getting a lot of love and fuss from Charlotte. 

Charlotte's daughter absolutely adores Dreamer and he is very happy when he sees her as knows carrots are coming his way! 

A quote from Charlotte ‘Having Dreamer at Abbott’s View Livery is an absolute weight off my mind. Knowing that he is happy, playing with his friends and receiving the best of care possible, is such a relief. He is a sensitive soul therefore eyes on him is needed and I know with Amy and the team, that is always the case’