Abbotts View Farm is a small family run farm based in the beautiful village of Aston Abbotts, situated between Aylesbury and Leighton Buzzard in Buckinghamshire.

Our farm is home to a variety of animals and we breed alpacas, and keep sheep, pygmy goats, ducks, rabbits and g-pigs! For more information please visit Abbotts View Alpacas.

Abbotts View Livery was created by me, Amy, the eldest daughter of three, as I felt there was need for a livery for like-minded people and their barefoot equine partners!

The 'traditional' way of keeping horses (shod, stabled and turned out onto lush grass) that has been performed for many years works for some, but for most has huge faults and negative impacts that need addressing, to enable horses to be healthier both physically and mentally. We need a way of keeping horses that provides more turn-out, decreased behavioural problems, more movement and better management of the high sugar and starch grasses of England that are detrimental to the health of the majority of today's horses (think EMS, Laminitis, obesity, cushings).

Being able to keep horses living out 24/7, year round, whilst still managing grass intake and your horses mental and physical well-being is a huge task, whether your horse is retired or in full ridden work. A track system is a new and exciting way of keeping horses that provides all of these things, and I believe, is the key to having mentally and physically healthier horses.

So after a lots of research, budgeting, planning and dreaming my vision of running a yard came to fruition! I feel so excited to be able to create a livery environment that I dreamed about for me and my horses, and I'd love to share it with you and your equine partner.

My mission is to create a livery yard for like-minded people where their horses are free to express their natural behaviours and is a place of retreat, where people challenge themselves to build on their relationships with their horses and offer encouragement, guidance and support to one another.