03 Sep
We are slowly getting there with little Jim's introduction into the herd. Sadly not without bite marks to his lovely bottom! Horses are horses, and these boys have been a settled herd for 3 years now.

We have been letting him in with part of the herd for the day (without Buck or Dan on rotation, as they were the two that gave chase and they aren't so brave without the other) and for the first time this evening I let him out for an hour with the whole herd. They pushed him out but didn't chase, and he's getting more confident and feeling happier to be near them, but equally respects their orders to move him with a lovely trot at the flick of an ear from any of the herd members!

Horses are so complex and interesting, and at the end of the day they have to sort it out, but as safely and as calmly as possible. I find letting the newbie get to know each herd member individually very helpful, so we did this last week, then worked on him being happy out with more than one herd member in their space and have slowly built it up to this. 

Making sure noone gets fustrated, or tired is very important, so I keep watch, and separate on a good note and never leave them in together over night until I am happy. 

I am hoping to be able to have them all together end of next week.  

More pictures etc on my facebook page - post on the 3rd Sept 2020

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