15 Jul

Laminitis and colic are still the number 1 killers of horses in the UK. 

What's the number one cause of this?

Grass (and unsuitable horse management)

And guess what? 

The grass is growing.

 Don’t wait until it’s too late!!! THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW!!

"Well there’s not much grass in my horses paddock" - That may be because he is eating it! 

Your horse is footsore? Cresty? Is fat? Has new fat pads? Changed in temperament/behaviour? Rude/Bolshy? Suffers from laminitis, obesity, EMS, or cushings?  

ACT NOW and get them off the grass before its too late!!!

Did you know there is a way you can keep your horse safe from grass without having a huge negative impact on his mental health caused by restricting him to a stable? Have you heard of a track system before?  (Click on our page 'what is a track system')

Think they are great but can’t set up your own due to funds/time/opportunity? Don’t worry, that’s why we are here!

There are more and more track system livery yards opening up all over the UK and the world. Have a look at the FB page Track System Livery Yards. 

There isn’t one local enough to you? Too far to travel?

Don’t worry! Most of us track liveries offer full livery so you don’t have to worry about caring for your horse. You just get to do the fun part.

But you want to see you horse everyday and the closest track livery is more than 30 mins away?… is it really worth sacrificing his health or mental state managing him on a traditional livery so you can see him everyday? 

It wasn’t until I started asking myself these questions that I began to make the changes to improve my horses lives both mentally and physcially. And now I will never go back.

Too often I hear of people who sacrifice their horses mental state to keep them 'physically' healthy (for example, stabling them to prevent laminitis),or who keep them at an unsuitable yard because they want the facilities. 

Do you really care more about having a nice indoor school if the compromise is your horse shut in a stable for most of the day? 

The two go hand in hand. Without a mentally sound horse, you will not have a physically sound horse. Yes, your horse may loose weight and be 'safe' off the grass in a stable, but the stress from being isolated and unable to move and eat constantly like nature intended will be causing all sorts of issues underneath the surface, ones that you may not be able to see.  

People need to wake up. 

That includes vets/farriers and other horse professionals!!! The proof is in the hoof. 

Horses need three basic things, Freedom, Forage and Friends. And sadly not enough livery yards provide this. 

Make the change now. Your horse will thank you for it.

 Give your horse the best life he can possibly have both physically and mentally.

 Horses owe us nothing. 

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