03 May

⭐⭐⭐Staff appreciation post! ⭐⭐⭐

When I first started AVL 4 years ago, I was on my own, with the great support from my mum and dad. My parents helped with the creating, building and putting my plans into action, while I researched, trial and errored and cared for horses solely 7 days a week.

4 years on, and I now have a fantastic team of horsey humans!

My parents continue to be a huge support, but I know have the addition of my fantastic Fiancé Curtis, and my girls, Emma, Hannah, and Dawn.

Me and Curtis met in 2017 when I was a year in to starting AVL, and he helped continue the developments and maintenance of AVL. I actually could not do it without him. We hadn't been together long when he was mucking in helping to finish the round pen, my tack room and him and my dad built my barn single handedly, while I was sat in bed recovering from a broken leg and surgery!

For weekend staff, I have had some fantastic people since 2017, but as anyone knows, weekend work is never going to be long long term! My current girl is the fabulous Hannah. Hannah joined the team in October 2019, and is absolute god send. She covers the yard solely, Am and Pm, on Saturdays, so I can enjoy a day away from the yard! Hannah is currently at university studying Equine behaviour science ( I think!) And I'll be thrilled for her, but selfishly gutted when she graduates and moves on to start her career.

During the week, I have the amazing Emma, who joined in early Summer 2019, after moving to the village and preparing for her retirement from the RAF. Emma started out working weekends, and then took a position for weekday mornings, when I decided caring for 14 horses on my own was pushing it a little! Emma is fantastic, always happy and hard working, and we haven't got on each others nerves during lockdown just yet 😂She is also my cover for whenever I have time away for longer than a day, and I trust her completely. She was supposed to be covering me for my honeymoon, but who knows when that'll happen now!

Lastly we have delightful Dawn, who made a career change to work with horses after taking time out to raise her lovely Son, Jake, and applied for a job at AVL. Dawn helps me on Fridays and Sundays, and is a credit to the team, always happy and bubbley and the horses love her.

I am so greatful to all of these people for helping me to continue to run and develop AVL to a high standard, and I can't actually believe I have such a fantastic team who I trust to care for the horses! 

Thank you all for your dedication and hard work, me and the horses are very VERY lucky 🥰

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