22 Nov

One whole year since I released my book! Since then, I've sold over 2500 copies worldwide on Amazon, and over 800 through my website, I've hit the best seller list for Horsecare and Horsemanship on Amazon multiple times, been asked to do podcasts, interviews and be featured on webinars as well as keep running my successful track system livery.

When I first published my book this was the only printed copy I had which was 'my proof' copy, before I gave the go ahead and it went on sale on 22nd of November 2022. It's been an absolute wonder to share my knowledge with you and I have so many notes already for the second edition!I have had such wonderful feedback, but even out of over 3000 copies sold, only 140 people have actually submitted a review on Amazon. I know it takes time and is easily forgotten, but if you loved my book, would you mind leaving a review? Even if you bought through my website you can still leave one on Amazon. I read every single one and they mean so much to me, as well as helping to boost my sales and help more horses and their humans.I was so excited in this photo after receiving my first printed copy that I ran out to get my first published author photo with my proof copy and the horse who started it all, my Buck. Straight of the yard, and farm fresh, rubber bands instead of my wedding ring, and mud splats all up my legs and yet it's still these photos I use, because they are raw and real.I'll get some professional ones at some point!

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