05 Feb

Jet belongs to my fabulous groom, Hannah, who has been with me for the past two years. 

Throughout university Hannah was my worker for weekends, and now during her gap year she helps me during the week too. She is absolutely fantastic, I trust her 100% to care for the horses like I do, and she keeps the yard in top tip and spotless condition, I wish I could keep her forever!

Jet arrived as a livery towards the end of last year after suffering from a nasty bout of laminitis. He's always been barefoot and had never had lami issues before throughout the years. 

The original vet advised shoeing and box rest, and emphasized that without shoes he would likely need putting to sleep. (I wish vets would change their ways). A swift change of vets to Farr and Pursey, who we use and know us, who advised that our system would be perfect for Jet.

 After a few months on track, a few abscesses (expected after lami), correct trimming by our fab Kat Jay, and careful rehab by his Hannah, he is now fully sound and back in ridden work.Jet is absolutely beautiful and a wonderful herd leader for herd 2. 

He is very fond of the mares and equally of the other gelding in this herd, Oscar, and it's wonderful to see them all settled and happy.

Remember that some vets are still very outdated in their way of thinking, and never take their word for gospel. We only know what we are taught and I want to teach everyone that their is another way that does not involve confinement or metal shoes. 

Thank you Farr and Pursey Equine and Katherina Jay 

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