07 Jul

Spotlight on Spirulina!

I've started feeding Spirulina to some of our horses recently and here's why!

"Organic Spirulina is a highly useful source of protein containing up to 70% protein. It contains an excellent range of essential amino acids and is useful for the support and maintenance of healthy, well functioning equine muscle, lungs and skin.Where spirulina is of most benefit when a horse needs support to maintain skin and lungs against seasonal challenges from midges and lung irritants such as dust and pollen"-Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD on Forageplus talk.

Studies have also shown Spirulina to reduce weight gain with horses and ponies with EMS, and that they had a diminished cresty neck, as well as improving metabolic health in horses affected by insulin resistance. (Link to study in comments).

I have definitely noticed an improvement in my youngsters skin since starting it, and for my Buck pictured, being an EMS boy who struggled with seasonal asthma for the first time last year it made total sense to give it to him too. Saphy and Bloo are also having it too due to being sweet-itch sufferers!If you'd like to try, use our discount code for first time customers for Forage plus : ABBOTTSVIEW10


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