05 May

With all this rain, there is going to be a big growth spurt in the grass.

A growth spurt that might just kill your horse.

This is especially worrying now we are on lockdown and various big horse societies and federations have advised us to 'rough our horses out' so many have been put out to pasture 😣

Please PREVENT laminitis, DON'T wait for it to happen and deal with it later. Your horses feet may never fully recover, and they could suffer months of pain, or lose their lives.

If your horse is overweight, footsore, has Cushing's, EMS, or has had laminitis before please DO SOMETHING NOW. 

Strip graze, set up a track, muzzle, stable during the day/out a night, do whatever you have to do to prevent this.

Make sure hay is the main source of fibre. YES, get them off the lush grass, but please DO NOT STARVE YOUR HORSE. 

Horses are designed to eat long, stalky grass little and often, which is closely mimicked by low sugar/starch meadow hay in trickle feeders. Not the green lush sugar fuel that we keep them on.

Look out for the warning signs, and make changes before laminitis happens.

Our horses need to stay safe too 🐴☔🌱

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