17 Apr
So here we are, another 3 weeks of isolation. How's everyone coping?

Another 3 weeks (at least) of being trapped in your home.

You're only allowed out for 1 hour a day for exercise.

You can see your friends (video chat) but not touch them.

Your food supply is limited and you might run out. The food you have access too might not necessarily be good for you.

You are bored beyond belief but have no choice in the matter.

All you can do, is wait.

Some of you may show signs of stress, maybe pace around, suffer with anxiety and fustration due to a lack of social contact and nothing to do to entertain yourself.

Some of you simply 'shut down', giving off the impression that you are coping, when really, you are helpless.

Sounds familiar doesn't it?

Horses are humans are not dissimilar.

Horses need freedom, access to food (forage) and friends. 

Horses NEED free choice.

Horses should NOT be confined to stables for long periods of time, or turned out individually.

If you are feeling the effects on your mental and physical health after only 3 weeks, image how your horse feels being shut in a small box, with nothing but his feaces and an empty net he ate hours ago  for 6 months at a time, or the whole year.

The only difference, he doesn't have a voice, and he doesn't know it will end.

Photo is from Google images.

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