26 Sep
Track systems aren't just for fatties!

There are just over two weeks between these photos. 

The first one was the first week in August shortly after arrival (he dropped weight in the few days after arrival due to the stress of moving) and the second around the 15th August.

A happy and healthy horse is a horse who's had his needs met both physically and mentally ❤️

Oscar goes on track during the day with the herd and is turned out in one of our track middles on meadow grass overnight with access to loose hay. In the second photo, we'd only just weaned him up to a few hours at grass. 

He is a retired Racehorse with alot of physical issues such as arthirits from the past, so the movement on track and zero stabling is really beneficial for him. 

He also has free choice to do as he pleases and three feeds per day to help him gain more before winter.

We are extremely flexible at AVL and if your horse needs access/ you want your horse to have access to some grass he can have it. We always carefully monitor and manage. 
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