Our Fencing

Once it was clear there was a demand for this type of livery and after running the track livery for two years using a mixture of stock and electric fencing, we decided to go all out and invest in horse safe fencing.  

After a lot of research, it was clear that the safest options were horse netting, or horse rail. We decided to go for horse netting, as this is also safe for sheep and other livestock meaning we can use the sheep to the horses advantage by putting them on track or in the winter paddocks to eat down the grass before the horses go on. 

Not only does this fencing give me as a yard owner huge peace of mind as it is extremely unlikely for the horses to injure themselves on it, it also gets rid of the worry completely of horses escaping into the middle from the track in the peak of spring and getting colic or lami, which they could do when it was electric fencing.

We chose 'Hampton NET™'

"Hampton NET™ is the revolutionary fencing option for all discerning horse owners and breeders.

 We have invested in purpose built equipment to produce fencing that raises the bar both in terms of strength, functionality and safety.

Manufactured at our factory in Northamptonshire, Hampton NET™ equine fencing features the smooth, animal friendly yet strong knotted joint."

The holes in the netting are designed to be too small for a hoof to get caught in, and sealed with a specially designed knotting system which means the wire cannot be moved to make the holes bigger or smaller. 

Horses, being horses, can injure themselves on just about anything, but we have huge confidence in this fencing to provide the best possible security and safety for our liveries.