Our Tracks

Suitable for all!

Our type of livery is perfect for the majority of horses as it aims to mimic the horse's natural environment and gives them freedom of choice, but is especially good for those who suffer from today's common health problems, such as obesity, laminitis, and arthritis,  or horses that do not like being stabled, suffer from boredom, or just crave a more stimulating and enriching environment.

We currently have two tracks systems that run alongside each other so that the two herds can interact over our horse safe fencing.

The tracks are around 6 - 8 metres wide with larger areas for sleeping, rolling and playing and a huge hardstanding and barn at the front.

Our herds are currently split into one herd of geldings and one herd of mostly mares (currently two geldings). 

Meet each herd and our horses by clicking here.

Each track consists of the same features: 

  • A limestone hardstanding/corral situated at the front of each track, with a sheltered running water trough
  • A large walk in/out barn with Aubiose bedding areas for use as the horses please, all year round
  • 450 meter long track which widens at the corners to allow ease of turning at speed
  • NEW FOR 2023 Sand pits - 8m x 8m sand pits for use as the horses please. Mainly used as a play area and for snoozing.
  • A large area with a mound for playing, snoozing and rolling
  • Very minimal grass - with the option of grass in the track middles if horses are not grass effected/require it. The horses diet is 90% hay with only minimal grass roots to nibble on which helps to promote more movement. See Unsurfaced Track System?
  •  Ad-lib hay stationed around the track, in forms of various sized and sized holed slow feeder haynets situated in hay feeders or hung up, spread around the tracks, with a large double netted round bale for 'back-up' (once the hay nets are running low!)
  • Natural Obstacles placed around the track in the form of various sizes of logs and branches to encourage foraging, lifting those legs and occasional jumping!
  •  Salt Licks and other foraging opportunities. We have planted trees and hedges along that track that in future will grow up and along the outside of the track so that the horses can enjoy different tastes and smells. We also forage different beneficial plants and hide these around the track for them to find, and have a horse herb garden by the round pen for owners to offer to their horses.
  • Enrichment we have scratching brushes and in the Spring and Summer we forage beneficial herbs and plants and hide these around the track for the horses to seek out

Our Fencing

We recently had our fencing replaced to Horse Safe Netting, for the upmost safety and security of our horses. See Our Fencing for more information.

How we Hay

All horses are fed ad lib hay (never runs out) through slow-feeder/trickle nets, which are re-filled twice daily including weekends see How We Hay for more information. 

Future plans

A track system in never finished! We are also adding improvements and expansion to improve AVL. Some of my future plans include:

  • Additional surfaces and enrichment opportunities 
  • Planting more trees and hedges

Visit Our Gallery to see the horses enjoying track life.